Our children and families who come through our doors are looking for hope, compassion, and understanding. Our staff are there, ready and waiting, to be the soft landing. Your donations help us train our staff, keeping them knowledgeable about techniques, strategies, and tools to encourage our children and families to learn, grow, and transform.




**We are always in need of basic living essentials – from toothpaste to sporting equipment**

Cleaning Supplies (Clorox Wipes, Bleach, Sanitizing Spray, etc)
Laundry Baskets/Hampers
Clothes Hangers

3-in-1 Body Wash and Shampoo/Conditioner
Chapstick (Carmex, Burt’s Bees)
Shampoo and Conditioner (for all hair types)
Hair Combs & Brushes
Bibles (The Guidebook or The CEB Student Bible)
Hair Care Products
Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Deodorant (non-aerosol)
Bath Linens
Bed Linens (Twin Size)
Pillows and Pillow Covers
Board Games/Jigsaw Puzzles
Frisbees, Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer Balls

Other Ways to Support: Contribute to Monthly Grocery Bills (Provide a Meal), or Donate to our Bedroom Furniture or Maintenance Truck Fund

Other Ways To Get Involved

Volunteer or Become an Advocate

Join us at Vashti for mentoring, school tutoring, help with our property, or become an advocate!  Simply  fill out the online form below and we will contact you. 

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At Vashti, we are always looking for people to lead church services or bible study. Let us know if you’d be interested.

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