Time is Love

Our youth crave time with people they can build trust with and feel safe. They’re just like any other kid, they want to play and have fun, learn and be challenged. Afterall, it’s how we all grow and that’s why they’re here at Vashti and they need you too. Join our mentorship program and you’ll find out just how much you end up learning about yourself in the process of sharing experiences with our residential children.

Let's Go Shopping

Our residential pre-teen and teenagers sometimes come to us with only the clothes they’re wearing. They are in need of all the basic necessities, but they like the fun stuff too. If you have games, sporting and fitness equipment, they’re all about that too and would welcome the in-kind gifts. And if you’d like to send them on a shopping spree with their behavior aid, that always brings a smile to their faces and makes them feel special—because they are.

Your Financial Support is Always Appreciated

With several programs run by our 65+ team members on Vashti’s campuses and in schools covering six counties in southwest Georgia, it takes a lot to run this amazing place. Our people have a passion for kids and desire to see them grow and learn how to become thriving adults through behavioral and mental health guidance. Your support is an immeasurable contribution to the impact it makes on their futures and that of our communities for years to come.


Your Time. Your Wisdom. Your Passion.

Our children and their families who come through Vashti’s doors want a place where they can find hope, compassion, and understanding during difficult times.

Our dedicated team members carry a passion for kids in need. Many of our experts have served in the behavioral and mental health industry with Vashti for decades. They’ve helped thousands of children through our programs grow and become stronger, healthier, and emotionally stable.

Trauma informed care is what we do—healing is what happens we when do what we love to do for our youth.

As a faith-based organization, your donations help us:

  1. Train Our Staff
  2. Provide Emotional Support
  3. Teach Coping Strategies
  4. Educate on Life Skills
  5. Prepare Our Youth for Their Future
  6. Help Our Youth Receive an Education
  7. Offer a Safe Haven for the Most Needy in Our Communities
  8. Provide Meals & Entertainment
  9. Open New Possibilities

Enable our programs and team members to encourage our children and families to learn, grow, and transform in ways they never knew were possible. 

In-Kind Donations

All the things your kids need, our do too. Please reach out to us at donate@vashti.org to let us know you’re interested in helping. We will have lists coming soon so it’ll be as easy as buying on Amazon!

Mentor Our Youth

Our kids need guidance, structure, positive influencers, people of faith, and who love children and care about their well-being. Please contact our Residential Mentor Coordinator at mentor@vashti.org for more information.

Volunteer With Us

We have several opportunities for you to work with our team, youth, and on our campus or at an event. Please contact us at volunteer@vashti.org to let us know your interests.